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David Frary.

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Computing, IT & Web Development. Master Gardener.

Personal website of David Frary.

Born in England in the county of Norfolk quite some time ago, I had the standard education of the day which appears to be equal to 1st. year at university today.

After leaving school, I moved to Norwich, the centre of the known universe, where I served a 5 year apprenticeship as electrical maintenance engineer. This included high-voltage ac power, 440 volt dc power, (How many people have that.) and automated control systems with and without electronics.

That was an exciting time, but the wages verged on third world levels leaving little option but to do the unthinkable: Leave the county. London seemed the obvious place to go given that the streets are paved with gold.

For a number of years life was good, but punitive local taxes eventually drove all the large factories to remote parts of the world like Lancashire or Wales. As factories re-located, wages dropped and I decided it was time for a change of direction.

Leaving the factories behind me, I turned to gardening. I have always been a keen gardener from childhood days, but had never considered it as a career. amazingly, Londoners actually pay other people to do the garden, and once I realized this, I was happy to oblige.

From small beginnings, I built up a nice design & build landscaping business which flourished for many years. The gradual disappearance of skilled workers along with the growing greed of rich people wanting cheap work ("never mind the quality, look how big it is"), persuaded me to divert into the garden maintenance

Throughout the latter part of this time I was fascinated by computers and taught myself to a competent level. Wanting more, I enrolled in evening classes for a number of years as a pastime until I practically used up all the courses on offer locally.

Needing something to occupy my mind, the only thing left was do do a degree and start a web development company.